Volunteer Description – Hallway and Homeroom Security

Hallway & Homeroom Management

Volunteers are needed to maintain order in the hallways and ensure the security of the classrooms used by visiting bands.  A certain level of responsibility is required; only adults should be assigned to these roles.

Getting ready, Arrival & Preparation

    • So attendees will know you’re part of the Jazz Fest team, please wear a band polo or be prepared to change into a Jazz Fest t-shirt, which you’ll receive upon arrival at GBS.
    • Arrive at GBS at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Check in at the Information Table located outside the Library/IMC to pick up your name tag, then proceed to your assigned

Shift Responsibilities


    • Each Security Station will have a school map, program schedule with homeroom assignments, a master key and a walkie-talkie. NEVER let the security key or walkie-talkie out of your possession until handing them off to your replacement at the shift change
    • Reach out to the Security Team Lead or send a student volunteer to the Information Table or Jazz Fest Mgmt office for any needs that may arise.

Managing Access to Homerooms

    • Each school will be assigned to a single classroom that will function as their homeroom for storing coats and instrument cases. A Student Volunteer Guide will escort each band from arrival to their homeroom and throughout the school on their warm-up/performance/clinic/photo circuit.
    • Unlock the homeroom and update the Security Station’s Room Schedule once the band arrives and occupies the room. You may move around your assigned areas, paying special attention to rooms in use.  It’s vital to be accessible to the visiting band directors at their expected arrival time.  If a band is late, the Band Check-In Table may be able to provide updated information.
    • Relock all the doors of the homeroom each time the band leaves. As needed, remind band directors that no student(s) should ever be in a room without an adult present. Students found alone in their homeroom should be asked to leave or to call the band director or chaperone to supervise them.
    • Performing band students are rarely on their own. If, say, they need to repair an instrument after warm-up and before their performance, use common sense when providing access to a room and stay in the Hall with the door open. NEVER leave students unattended in a classroom to avoid the potential for theft or careless damage.
    • We have access only to specific rooms in the school. Do not enter any classroom not listed on the Room Schedule.
    • Bands are requested not to bring food to the event. If you encounter a band bringing food into the building, instruct the band director and chaperones that all food must be consumed in the Jazz Café and not in the classrooms.
    • Once all bands from a school have departed, update the Room Schedule and notify the NSJF office. Do not remove any Jazz Fest room signs – simply leave the room as is. The Room Closers and use these signs as markers when restoring the classroom to its original state

Maintaining Order in the Hallways

    • Control the noise level, especially near performance and clinician rooms. Special for the Main Hall station:   Students, including bands waiting to enter a room, must be QUIET so as not to disturb performances in the Choir Room or Auditorium.  Do not allow anyone to enter the Auditorium through the side doors.
    • Do not allow instruments to be played in the hallways.
    • Band students are not allowed unsupervised in the halls. Direct them toward the Main Hall and encourage them to go into the performance rooms and listen to bands or visit the Jazz Café for food.
    • Be watchful of the staircases and monitor for any unsafe activity.
    • Special for the Main Hall station: You’ll frequently be asked about locations in the school.
      • Main ensembles play in the Auditorium, where you can also buy tickets and a program. It’s just around the corner to the right.
      • Combo’s play in the Orchestra Room, just around the corner to the left.
      • Other ensembles play in the East Cafeteria, which is straight down the hallway and on your left.
      • Middle schools play in the Lyceum, which is straight down the hallway, beyond where it jogs to the right, all the way to the end of the building.
    • GBS security staff will be on hand throughout the day. Incident forms will be at your location.  Please write a description of the problem, noting the time and names of those involved.  This will become extremely important for Mrs. Wojcik and Boron in the aftermath.


    • When your shift is completed, please take a few minutes to pass along updates to your replacement.  Discuss any adjustments or special situations that may’ve been made throughout the day.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR POST UNTIL YOUR REPLACEMENT ARRIVES!
    • If you are working the last shift, wait until the last band has exited then bring the key, walkie-talkie and clipboard to the Volunteer Information Table. It is critical that the key and walkie-talkie are checked in and never left unattended.
    • After your shift is complete and/or you are ready to leave the building, check out at the Information Table and return your lanyard & name tag.

Thanks very much for your help at Jazz Fest!