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2019 Grand Champion


              Wheeling High School Jazz Band I


Auditorium: High School Jazz Ensembles Class AA

3. Fremd Jazz Ensemble

2. Warren Township Jazz Ensemble

  1. Wheeling Jazz Band I

Auditorium:  High School Jazz Ensembles Class A

3. Belvidere Jazz Ensemble

2. St. Patrick Honors Jazz Band

  1. Carmel Catholic Jazz Ensemble

Auditorium: Soloist Medals

Name                                                                 School                                                             Instrument
  1. Ani Perez-Brennan                     Wheeling H.S.                                            Drums
  2. Tenor I Player                              Naperville North H.S.                              Tenor I
  3. Erick Gonduno                            Wheeling H.S.                                            Bari Sax
  4. Guitarist                                        Carmel Catholic H.S.                                Guitarist

Auditorium: Scholarships & Awards

Birch Creek Performance Center – Partial tuition scholarship
Name                                                                  School                                                          Instrument

Zach (Bassist)                                          Warren Township H.S.                          Bass

Roosevelt University – Full 4-year tuition scholarship
Name                                                                   School                                                        Instrument

Alex Koprak                                             Wheeling H.S.                                          Keys/Vibes

Cafeteria: Jazz I Ensembles Class A

3. Oswego Orange Jazz Ensemble II

2. Prospect Jazz Band II

  1. Fremd Jazz Lab Band

Cafeteria: Soloist Medals

Name                                                         School                                                    Instrument
  1. Nick Gavin                                     Prospect H.S.                                       Tenor
  2. Sam Stefanov                                Naperville North H.S.                        Tenor
  3. John Powers                                 Libertyville H.S.                                   Drums
  4. Daniel Boy                                    Prospect H.S.                                        Bass

Cafeteria: Scholarships & Awards

Shell Lakes Arts Center – 5 partial tuition scholarships
Name                                                         School                                                    Instrument

Gavin McCarthy                              Fremd H.S.                                     Drums

Hunter Olshefky                             Warren Township H.S.                 Bass

Ryan Kazda                                     Oswego Orange                               Piano

Jorge Garcia                                    Wheeling H.S.                                 Trombone

Sal DeFillipis                                   Warren Township H.S.                 Guitar

Midwest Young Artists – 1 partial scholarship
Name                                                  School                                            Instrument

Daniel Ozcko                                     Prospect H.S.                               Bass Trombone/Tuba

Orchestra: High School Combo Class AA

3. Fremd Jazz Combo

2. Wheeling Jazz Combo

  1. Naperville North Jazz Combo

Orchestra: High School Combo Class A

  1. Carmel Catholic Jazz Combo

Orchestra: Junior High Jazz Combo

  1. Old Quarry MS Combo
Orchestra: Soloist Medals
Name                                          School                                         Instrument

Nicki K.                                  Wheeling H.S.                          Piano

Joey Ranieri                                    Fremd H.S.                                Bass

Bari Sax Player                     Wheeling H.S.                           Bari Sax

Garrett                                    Naperville H.S.                         Tenor Sax

Orchestra: Scholarships & Awards
Northern Illinois University Scholarship
Category                                  Name                                             School/Ensemble

Rhythm Player                      Thomas Ponce(Guitar)               Libertyville H.S.

Horn Player                           Kevin (Tenor Saxophone)          Naperville H.S.

Summer Jazz Camp             Trumpet Player                            Fremd H.S.

Lyceum: Junior High Ensemble I

3. Old Quarry Jazz Band

2. Holmes Jazz Ensemble

  1. Cooper Jazz Band I

Lyceum: Junior High Ensemble II

  1. Holmes Jazz Band II

Lyceum: Soloist Medals

Name                                                                       School/Ensemble

Fatima Alvarez                                                      Holmes Middle School

Alessandro Ramos                                                Holmes Middle School

Oscar Esquivel                                                       Cooper Middle School

Bjorn Carlson                                                         Rockford Christian School

Midwest Young Artists – Partial scholarship
Name                                                                         School

Joe Madden                                                             Old Quarry Middle School




This is the place to be for information on how to get signed up and what to expect. Performing bands will be judged on the following criteria:

Blend – Quality of ensemble tone
Intonation – Instruments in tune with each other
Balance – Balanced dynamic levels in individuals/sections
Rhythm – Does the band maintain accurate rhythmic pulsation
Precision – Do sections and band play together precisely
Dynamics – Does the band make the most of dynamic contrasts and shading
Interpretation –  The phrasing of music in good style
Arrangements – Is the arrangement suited to the band’s capabilities
Presentation – Does the band communicate well with the audience
Improvisation* – Do soloists add to the general performance

*The improvistation score is added to the final rating only if a judge decides that the soloist or solos added to the selection performed.

Welcome 2019 Jazz Fest Participants!

  • Belvidere High School
  • Big Hollow Middle School
  • Carl Sandburg High School
  • Carmel Catholic High School
  • Central High School
  • Conant High School
  • Cooper Middle School
  • Gemini Junior High School
  • Glenbard South High School
  • Grayslake Central High School
  • Grayslake Middle School
  • Grove Junior High School
  • Harold L Richards High School
  • Holmes Middle School
  • Jane Addams Junior High School
  • Libertyville High School
  • Maine East High School
  • Maple Middle School
  • Marmion Rosary
  • Naperville North High School
  • Old Quarry Middle School
  • Oswego East High School
  • Oswego High School
  • Palatine High School
  • Prospect High School
  • Rockford Christian School
  • Schaumburg High School
  • Springman Middle School
  • St. Patrick High School
  • Tinley Park High School
  • Warren Township High School
  • Waukegan High School
  • Wheeling High School
  • William Fremd High School